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2-Year-Old Philosophy

Philosophy of our Two-year-old Program

At the Early Childhood Center, our goal is to help each young child feel comfortable in the school environment and make the separation from his or her parents as smooth as possible. The twos have a gradual beginning to the school year: during the first week, half the class comes for one hour, the first morning with a parent and the second morning without a parent; during the second week, the whole class comes for two hours, and during the third week, the children can stay for the whole morning, including lunch.

We believe that very young children "learn through play" and we will provide an environment in which they can explore, play with each other, and learn to share. Children have opportunities to experience a wide variety of art and sensory materials, use imaginative play props, and participate in music activities. We promote learning how to listen, following directions, and operating as a member of a group. In the process of learning to express their needs and improve their language skills, the children are becoming more independent and developing positive feelings about themselves and their accomplishments. At ECC we want children to enjoy childhood.

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