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3-Year-Old Philosophy

Philosophy of our Three-year-old Program

At the Early Childhood Center we strive to create an environment that promotes development through play, giving children the opportunity to demonstrate confidence in their own emotional, social, creative, cognitive and physical abilities.

The three-year-olds are very curious about the world around them. At ECC the children are given many opportunities to explore and create. Playing is an important part of each day. The children are provided with many opportunities to learn as well as to practice their social skills, to improve their language skills, and to problem solve. As their world expands, the children become less egocentric. Friendships begin to develop and the children learn to express their needs and to listen to the ideas of their peers. Learning to share, take turns, negotiate and compromise and to express feelings in a positive manner are also important.

The Early Childhood Center offers a child-centered program that includes learning about community helpers, seasons, simple experiments, and the farm. As play unfolds, teachers identify what interests the children and plan activities or provide props that expand on these interests. Our activities involve art, music, movement, cooking, hands-on exploration and field trips. Manipulative and tactile materials, such as sand, water, rice and beans, are used throughout our program. ECC provides a nurturing environment in which children can grow emotionally and develop self-confidence, while having fun and learning together. At ECC we want children to enjoy childhood.

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