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4-Year-Old Philosophy

Philosophy of our Four-year-old Program

The Early Childhood Center wants four- year- olds to love learning by exposing them to a wealth of resources and the excitement of using them. Our program strives to foster curiosity and respect for the world around us, while developing co-operation skills, independence, and self-esteem. Learning to problem- solve, improve communication skills, and develop independent thinking are also stressed.

At ECC, the four-year-olds have ample opportunities to play and learn in small classes with a low teacher-student ratio. Each child learns to work as a member of a group, make choices, and feel successful. The classroom environment is structured to provide stimulating child-centered and teacher-supported activities, with many opportunities for the children to make discoveries on their own. Reading readiness is stimulated by a variety of literacy- based activities. Art, music, and movement are also interwoven into the mornings. The children do go on field trips that correlate to what they are learning in the classroom.

ECC provides a nurturing environment in which children can grow emotionally and develop self-confidence, while having fun and learning together. At ECC we want children to enjoy childhood.

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